Ben learned the basics of photography when he was 8 using a 35mm Olympus and black and white film. He has since graduated to a full-frame Nikon, but he carries the same passion about photography as he did when he was a tot.

Ben graduated from Davidson College (where he was in the same class as Steph Curry, no big deal) and spent 8 years as an Officer in the Army. He would spend his downtime taking headshots of local actors, family pictures for friends, and theatre pictures of community productions. Now that he's out of the military, he's working full-time as a photographer in beautiful Asheville.

Hannah is the musically-gifted of the two. She regularly does musical theatre and teaches voice lessons to children. Ben actually met Hannah while she was in a musical in Colorado.

Hannah works in video production and editing for an online company and is active in community theatre and arts. When she's not doing that, she's busy turning the house into a "vintage pinterest board", in the words of a friend.

More credit to the still indomitable LGEmerick

This is our dog-child Obie. He's a rescue pittie out of Compton. He's awesome. He's so awesome you should follow him on instagram!

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